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maturity Audits

Impact Assessment

Strategy Development

Change maturity audits

As organizations experience more and more change, the ability to effectively manage the people side of that change in order to deliver results and outcomes is growing. In order to understand how mature or change ready an organization is, a change maturity assessment can provide the insight as well as mark against the benchmark to build or reinforce people change capability.

A CM-Maturity Model Audit is used to determine your organization’s maturity in change management, absent to organizational competency, based on the five levels of the Prosci Change Management Maturity Model.

The Change Management Maturity Model Audit is comprised of 50 factors in five Capability Areas:

  • Leadership
  • Application
  • Competencies
  • Standardization
  • Socialization

Each of the five Capability Areas describes the specific elements necessary for an organization to build maturity in change management.

Leadership supporting the effort to build change management capabilities and competencies; Application of change management processes and tools on projects and initiatives; Competencies in leading change present throughout the organization; Standardization of an institutional change management approach; and Socialization to build buy-in and commitment to change management.


Change Impact and readiness assessment

Assessing and evaluating in anticipation of a transformational change and it’s stakeholders readiness, ability and capacity to change to a future state is a prerequisite.

The assessment of the change and the impact the change will have on the organization and subsequent individuals. Key observations will incorporate organization history, culture and value systems allowing calibration of the client expectations. Hence, applying the assessment findings to advise the client on how best to scale and customize the change strategy.

Some key considerations are taken account of i.e

  • Purpose of the Change
  • Business rationale for the change
  • Vision, mission and objectives
  • Sponsor and stakeholder identification


Change management strategy development

Completing the change assessment and readiness impact allows for the calibration and development of the change management strategy. In turn facilitating the high-level approach with key sponsors, program leads, internal and external stakeholders.

Moreover, the development of the overarching approach for how the organization and subsequent individuals transition to the future state is determined by the development of the change strategy.

The change strategy enables the integration and alignment of the change management plans, activities, tasks and milestones at the inception of a change. From the outputs in the impact and change readiness assessments provides the key levers i.e.

  • Sponsorship
  • Stakeholders
  • Communications
  • Learning & Development
  • Change Impact

We help our clients to articulate the strategic details for the scope, scale, complexity of the change and define the requirements and implementation options, challenges, constraints, opportunities and success criteria.